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Welcome to Zeego

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About Zeego

Beautiful, native menus for React Native + Web, inspired by Radix UI.

  • 🛫 Native elements on iOS/Android
  • 🕺 Radix UI on Web
  • 🌲 Unified API cross-platform
  • 🎸 Easy to use
  • 🥳 Accessible
  • 🌊 Works with Solito and Next.js
  • 🤖 Supports Expo (with custom dev clients)
  • 🍦 Vanilla React Native too
  • 🎨 100% unstyled components


Code Walkthrough

Fernando's talk at Next.js Conf 2022 shows you how to use Zeego:

Skip to 13:35 if you want to see the section about menus.


To learn more about Zeego and its approach, you can watch Fernando Rojo's talk at App.js Conf.

The Zeego release happens at about 9:35.

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 8 43 30 PM



  1. Create the best experience for each platform
  2. Use a clean, composable API without an items array
  3. Don't worry about sharing styles across platforms
  4. Rely on built-in native menus for iOS and Android
  5. Everything ships unstyled


To stay up-to-date with Zeego and related libraries, you should:

  1. Follow Fernando Rojo on Twitter
  2. Star Zeego on GitHub

You might find my other React Native libraries useful too:


Special thanks to Dominic Go for the awesome iOS context menu library. Also, thanks to the Showtime team for testing this and sending PRs.